Volvo 480 ES Product Information Book

A very high quality book in full colour with all product information concerning the new Volvo 480 ES. The information it contains is meant for a variety of target groups, among others:
the press
your sales force
showroom visitors

It is therefore essential that you order sufficient copies to supply your local press and to be able to place at least one copy in each dealer showroom.

Number of pages: approx. 100

Size: 300 x 300 mm

Price: DFl 50. each.

Versions availableOrder number
EnglishASP/CAR BV 2641-86
DutchASP/CAR BV 2642-86
FrenchASP/CAR BV 2643-86
GermanASP/CAR BV 2645-86
SwedishASP/CAR BV 2646-86
Other language versions can be made available at a minimum quantity of 300 copies per version.