2 quicksets have been created to communicate the specific virtues of the Volvo 480 ES to ensure immediate first-sight impact upon the prospect. One communicates the car's driving properties and electronics, the other its comfort and convenience. Both quicksets unfold automatically into their assembled mode.

Versions availabledriving properties / electronicscomfort/ convenience
DutchASP/CAR BV 2541-86ASP/CAR BV 2556-86
FrenchASP/CAR BV 2542-86ASP/CAR BV 2557-86
ItalianASP/CAR BV 2543-86ASP/CAR BV 2558-86
GermanASP/CAR BV 2544-86ASP/CAR BV 2559-86
SpanishASP/CAR BV 2545-86ASP/CAR BV 2560-86
SwedishASP/CAR BV 2546-86ASP/CAR BV 2561-86
FinnishASP/CAR BV 2547-86ASP/CAR BV 2562-86
NorwegianASP/CAR BV 2548-86ASP/CAR BV 2563-86
DanishASP/CAR BV 2549-86ASP/CAR BV 2564-86
EnglishASP/CAR BV 2550-86ASP/CAR BV 2565-86

Size: 61 x 200 cm

Price: DFl. 35.

Purpose: second line communication